Welcome to Shapego.


Shapego is a full-featured wordcloud generator that gives you everything you need to create amazing wordclouds for your presentations, marketing and communication materials. The app sports a streamlined user interface that was built to fine-tune the appearance, the shape and the position of the words that compose your wordcloud.

Designed from the ground up for iOS, Shapego takes full advantage of its latest features and technologies so you can enjoy innovative, fast and powerful tools, intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art performance.

In order to run Shapego you will need an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, the device must be running iOS 9.0 or later.

When you start the app your first stop will be the Gallery View: this is the place where you organize your wordclouds. From here you can either create a new wordcloud, open an existing one or enter in Edit mode where you can select the different wordclouds to delete or clone.

To create a new wordcloud just tap the Plus icon and a context menu will appear letting you create different types of wordclouds.

To open an existing wordcloud just tap the wordcloud preview image and the wordcloud will show up in the Wordcloud View.

In order to delete a wordcloud just tap the Edit button then select the wordclouds that you want to delete and tap the Trash icon. Be aware that once deleted your wordcloud is permanently removed from your device and cannot be restored back.

The clone action can be very useful when you would like to try out some other variations on the look of your wordcloud but you want have a backup copy of your current work in order not to lose the current version. In order to accomplish this, you first tap the Edit icon then select the wordcloud that you want to clone and finally tap the Clone icon: Shapego will make an exact copy of the selected wordcloud. Screenshot Gallery View

Wordcloud View

Once you create a new wordcloud or open an existing one you enter in the Wordcloud View which is the main view of the app where you will probably spend the most time in. Here you can either export the wordcloud or enter in Edit mode where you will be able to make changes to its appearance.

To export a wordcloud you tap the Export icon and a context menu will show you the different export options. Currently, Shapego can export your wordcloud to a PNG image, PDF document or PSD (Photoshop) file.

In order to change the appearance of your wordcloud, you tap on the Edit button to enter in Edit mode: a new panel will be shown containing different actions that you can use to change the graphics properties of the wordcloud.

In the upper navigation bar you will find 4 icons showing the Text, Toolbox, Settings and Help actions. In the Toolbox you will find different actions that will let you add or import different graphics items into the current wordcloud, while the Text icon will present you with a list of actions that you can use to insert and modify the text. The Settings action will let you change some nit-picky settings of app this while the Help action will let you access the user guide and other contact information.

In the bottom toolbar you will have access to different icons representing each graphics item that you can modify: Palettes, Shapes, Layouts, Text Sizes and Fonts. When you tap one of these icons the upper panel will show you the related graphics items.

In a wordcloud, only the most important words are shown. By default, Shapego will extract the more frequent words and the more a word will be present in text, the bigger its size will be. For a given language, the app will filter out automatically all stop words like articles, prepositions and common words that only add noise to the look of your wordcloud. You can also have Shapego dimension the words accordantly to their text order: please refer to the Settings section of this user guide to check this option out. Screenshot Wordcloud View