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Purchase and backup options.

How to purchase

Shapego is a free download and offers in app purchases to unlock additional capabilities.

Shapego is available directly from the App Store worldwide and is free to try. You can then buy the following editions:

  • Standard Edition ($7.99): lets you use all the available shapes to create a word cloud. If you're not satisfied with the available shapes you can even import your own: simply import a black and white image that defines the contour of your shape and Shapego will figure out the rest!

  • Premium Edition ($9.99): includes all the features of Standard Edition with the additional capability of exporting your word cloud to PDF and Photoshop formats. If you need to have a vector format or a layered Photoshop file to do some further editing we got you covered. This works best for high quality printing.

  • Commercial Edition ($19.99): includes all the features of Premium Edition with the additional capability of importing your own fonts. This is the only edition that gives you the rights to sell any derivative work that includes graphics made with Shapego.

Shapego ships also with a School Edition that can be bought at the Education App Store with a 50% discount if more than 20 copies are ordered. For more information on the Apple Volume Purchase Program see here.

Here's a recap of the different editions:

Capability Standard Premium Commercial School
All Shapes X X X X
Export PDF X X X
Export Photoshop X X X
Import Fonts X
Derivative work X


Shapego saves your word clouds as a set of files in its standard iOS Documents folder. These files takes part in regular iOS backup to either iCloud or a local computer through iTunes.